Manage your financial goals across multiple assets

How this app helps you to manage your savings?

"This application allows you to build your savings regardless of where you hold them. At the same time, ensuring compliance with all your assets."


  1. Define your budgets
  2. Register your assets
  3. Load money into asset splitting it in budgets
  4. Transfer your money among assets, keeping your budgets untouched
  5. Move money between budgets without changing asset balance
  6. Withdraw money from your budget

Beyond the functionality

Own your data

This program works locally on your computer, and stores all the data on your disk , NOT in the cloud.


It's open-source so it can be audited and approved by the community. There are no back doors to your data.

Well designed

Well designed for the rapid development and longtime maintenance.


This software is free to use, but if you want to buy a cup of coffee for the developer this app could be better.